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   Use rubber connector correctly to improve its performance
   First: if rubber joints are designed and installed near the pump outlet or at the pipe corner and the product is used for high pressure and high-rise building suspension, the pipe must have a fixed support or fixed support.The force on the fixed bracket and the fixed bracket must be greater than the axial force, otherwise the product shall be installed with the anti-pulling limit device.
   Second: the structure of flexible rubber soft joint pipe must be in a natural state, do not artificially deform the product during installation.This can avoid early damage and weakening of the product.In the process of installation, it is forbidden to use flexible rubber joints for super displacement
   Third: when the flexible rubber hose joint is connected with the pipe flange, the bolt wire shall extend to one end of the pipe flange to prevent the arch of the rubber soft joint from being squeezed or wound when the thread is compressed. The bolts at both ends must be tightened symmetrically to make all the bolts have the same tightness and poor service conditions.In addition to adding flat pads, spring washers should be added to prevent the nut from loosening.
   The rubber joint of the fourth flange shall be installed so that both ends of the ball reinforcing ring are all stuck in the flange groove to prevent the ball from pulling out the flange when the pipe is under pressure.When the bolt is fixed, tighten the symmetric bolt to ensure that the ball is in place on the flange.